Devious Devin and Plot
Devious Devin is published as a blog because it is an ongoing series, that can be read like a journal or a diary.  The reader can enjoy each short story without having to know what happens before or after for it to make sense.  If you were to read all of the stories in succession, you would probably notice that Devin is a dynamic character who gradually learns important lessons about the value of family, friends, forgiveness, and charity.

Devious Devin and Reluctant Readers
Devious Devin stories are designed to engage reluctant readers through somewhat provocative, edgy, and humorous content that is interesting to late-primary to mid-secondary level readers (ages 10 and up).  The fictional characters are realistic.  The illustrations add another element of intrigue and provide comprehensible input that helps the reader understand the content.  If you would like to read some great articles about engaging reluctant readers, follow the links below:


Devious Devin Reading Level
The grade level equivalence for Devious Devin comics vary.  Most fall in the 5th to 8th grade level range, but keep in mind that texts with illustrations are more comprehensible than texts without.  I use the Lexile system.  (If you would like to read more about grade level equivalency and Lexile measures, you can click here.)

Here are sample Lexile measures for some of the published comics:

Pit of Doom - 820
Army Guy Carousel - 730
Zip Line Knock Out - 560
Bucket of "Acid" - 570
Faux Poo Prank - 590
Chutes 'n Splatters - 840