Army Guy Carousel

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     I promised to let Wendell in on my next booby trap, so we decided to target our sister’s boyfriend, Arthur.

My big sister Lynette is fifteen years old.  She is a teenager, but she acts pretty much like an adult.  She’s only been going out with Arthur for a couple of weeks, but they act like they’ve already tied the knot.  Arthur’s the perfect target because he won’t do anything to us that would make a bad impression on Lynette.

 I said, “Remember when we went to the fair and they had a ride that was a like a carousel, but with swings instead of horses?  That’s what we’re going to do with your army guys.”

I could tell that Wendell didn’t understand what I was talking about, so I demonstrated on him. 

“Ow!  What'd you do that for?” he said.

“I'm tryin’ to show you what’s gonna happen to Arthur when he walks into the room.”

“Ok, I get it.  You didn't have to hit me, though!”

“Relax brother.  I was just horsing around.”

When the trap was set, I whispered to Wendell, “Now we just turn off the lights and wait.  Our victim won’t be able to get to the light switch without walking into the trap.  With how dark it is in here, he won’t know what hit him.”

My parents were in their bedroom.  Arthur was in Lynette’s room.  I figured that my parents had probably already gone to bed.  Arthur would be coming out at any moment.  He isn’t allowed to stay at our house past 10:00.  It was already 10:15.  Wendell and I were hiding in the kitchen with our eyes slightly above the kitchen counter, watching and waiting.  All was quiet but the sound of Army guys whooshing through the air.

Then there was the sound of a door opening.  I admit that I got a little nervous waiting for what would happen next.  Then it happened.  Whap!  Smack!  Blam!  Whack!  Suddenly the Army guys were pummeling their target.  We heard gasps and grunts.  Finally the light switch came on.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The victim our booby trap was Dad!  My excitement turned into fear as I panicked, not knowing what to do.

I knew the best thing to do was to come out of hiding with my ally.  “Dad,” I said, “We didn’t mean to get you.  We’re sorry.”

“Then who were you trying to get?” he asked.

“Arthur,” responded Wendell.

“Is he still here?  It’s past 10:00.  He’d better not be,” said Dad as he dodged the slowing Army guys and barged into Lynette’s room. 

Moments later Arthur scurried out, not making eye contact with Wendell and me.  I don’t know what was going on in there, but it sounded like Dad was not happy with Lynette and Arthur.  All I know is that Dad seemed to forget all about being whacked in the head with Wendell’s Army guys.  And that’s all I cared about.

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