Postcard Prank

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     I was so excited when I checked the mail today.  Augie had sent me a postcard.  It had a picture of a zebra on the front.  On the back it said:

“Hey, Wendell!” I yelled.  Wendell came.

 “I got a postcard in the mail from Augie.  It says the money inside is for you.”

Wendell’s eyes lit up.  He took the postcard from me.  He studied it.  He flipped it over.  Then again.  He turned it sideways and examined the edges, trying to figure out a way to open it.  I watched him for a few moments as he tried to figure out how to get money out of the postcard.  It was very entertaining. 
When he looked like he was going tear a corner off, I couldn’t hold my laughter in any longer.  My laughter burst out the way air does when someone sits on a whoopee cushion.  Wendell finally realized that it was a prank.  I have to admit that was the funniest postcard I’ve ever gotten!  I’m glad Augie could contribute from all those miles away.

It reminded me of the time when I wrote on both sides of a paper:
 When I gave it to Wendell, he read the paper.  He turned it over.  Read the other side.  Turned it over.  Read it again.  Flipped it over again.  This went on for a while.  I was wondering how long he was going to keep flipping the paper over and over again.  Then I started laughing.  Wendell realized that I was laughing at him, so he stopped flipping the paper. 

I told him, “The paper is your prize.  It will give you something to do when you’re bored.”  I could tell he was disappointed.  That made me smile.

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