Cereal Surprise

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I don’t know about you, but me and Wendell love sweet cereals like:

         The only problem is that my mom has only been buying healthy cereals lately.  So we have to add sugar ourselves if we want our cereal to be sweet.

This morning Wendell woke up and went straight to the kitchen.  He got the Bland Flakes cereal from the cupboard.  Wendell grabbed the sugar container.  He began to pour the white crystals all over his cereal.  But there was something he wasn’t aware of.  You see, this morning before he got up, I emptied out the sugar container.  I replaced the sugar with salt. 

Wendell sat at the table with his bowl of cereal.  He scooped a big spoonful into his mouth.  He didn’t even begin to chew before he realized that it didn’t taste right.  He scrunched his face and spewed it back into his bowl.  “Eeeew!  That’s nasty!”  he said looking at me with a mean face.  My smirk turned into a full blown, ear to ear smile. 

“I didn’t do anything to your cereal.  You’re the one who poured the salt into your own bowl of cereal,” I said as I began to laugh.

He said, “It’s not funny.  What if I put salt in your cereal?”

“You even think to pull a prank like that on me,
and I’ll hold you down and scrub every inch of your body with sandpaper,
until you are as skinless as a skinned chicken breast.
Then I’ll pour salt on your wounded body,
and you’ll melt like a slug does when salt is poured on it.”

“Okay, okay, I wouldn’t do that to you,” said Wendell. 

“Good.  Now, don’t you ever think about threatening me again,” I told him.

“Hey, do slugs really melt when you pour salt on them?”  he asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.


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